National Couple's Day - August 18
Sun, Aug 18, 2024

National Couple’s Day

Quarrels and showdowns are not welcome on National Couple’s Day. Today it is strictly prohibited! On August 18, lovers celebrate a holiday dedicated to their devotion, love, and fidelity. If you have a soul mate, this is an occasion for pleasant surprises!

The History

This National Day of great importance. Modern people have the right to choose their partner, regardless of their gender, to distribute responsibilities as they want, to take or not to take someone else’s surname, etc.

Happy couples are people who do not pay attention to the stereotypes imposed by society. You need to rely only on your comfort and not follow unsolicited advice.

National Couple’s Day is a nice addition to Valentine’s Day, which takes place 6 months before this date.

Interesting facts

  • The very first couple were Adam and Eve;
  • In 2015, same-sex marriage was legalized in the United States;
  • 32% of men in America believe the main factor in marriage with a woman is financial stability;
  • Most Americans get married at age 30;
  • 18 million Americans are not married but live together;
  • Couple’s therapists strengthen relationships 75% of the time.

How to take part

Today it is customary to give gifts, say words of love, and spend time together. Go for a walk or have a romantic candlelight dinner. Many establishments offer unforgettable evening at their place – find the best options in your area!

Take special tests for couples, find out about each other’s needs, do everything to strengthen the relationship.

If you like spending time at home, watch movies about love, prepare delicious snacks, and create a relaxed atmosphere.

When is National Couple’s Day celebrated in 2024?

National Couple’s Day is observed on August 18 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday August 18 2024
Monday August 18 2025
Tuesday August 18 2026

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