Military Spouse Appreciation Day - May
Fri, May 12, 2023

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Military Spouse Appreciation Day was established to thank the military wives, who every day support their husbands – the country’s defenders. Often, military spouses contribute in big ways and can sacrifice many things.

The History

The holiday was established by US President Ronald Reagan in 1984. The Friday in May before Mother’s Day was chosen for the celebration. Annually, the current president makes a proclamation in honor of Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

Celebrations are organized at all US military bases. To congratulate military wives, festive dinners, special programs, fairs, seminars, are organized. The main goal and idea are to express gratitude to military spouses for their sacrifice, understanding, and everything they do for their homeland.

How to take part

You can celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day in the family circle.

  1. Help your spouse, surround her with care, attention, and love, and talk a lot about the fact you appreciate everything she does.
  2. Give flowers or cook a delicious dinner.
  3. Give a gift certificate to her favorite store or beauty salon, or a certificate for two at the spa.
  4. Organize a field trip.
  5. Make your own box of wish coupons that will be valid for a certain period.

When is Military Spouse Appreciation Day celebrated in 2022?

Military Spouse Appreciation Day is observed the Friday before Mother’s Day.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday May 6 2022
Friday May 12 2023
Friday May 10 2024
Friday May 9 2025

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