May Ray Day - May 19
Sun, May 19, 2024

May Ray Day

Spring is ready to sound its final chords on May 19. Well, people celebrate May Ray Day and enjoy a warm sun and the harbinger of a bright summer! Did the spring months justify your hopes? Summer will be better, louder, and richer!

The History

This holiday first pleased Americans with its existence in 1977. The idea of celebrating it belongs to comedian Richard Ankli, who dedicated the event to his brother. The concept is simple. You should go outside and spend the day or the part of it in the fresh air. If the weather is cloudy, stay at home and remember famous personalities named Ray. Read Bradbury, because his novels are relevant and exciting. Listen to Ray Charles. Choose a new Ray-Ban model on a virtual platform.

Interesting Facts

The sunny spring month was named after the Indian goddess of fertility or, according to an alternative version, this word has Latin roots.

  1. The week after May Ray Day, when there is a full moon, it is called a Flower Moon.
  2. The holiday’s mascot is green-colored stones; preference is given to natural emeralds.
  3. The floral symbol of this holiday is the lily of the valley, which is a delicate spring flower.

The organizing a wedding is not recommended. According to superstitious legends, the union will be unlucky. In the absence of large-scale plans, it is time to go to a music festival, update your style and buy new clothes, and congratulate those people who create warmth and joy in your life, like spring sunshine.

When is May Ray Day celebrated in 2024?

May Ray Day is observed on May 19 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday May 19 2024
Monday May 19 2025

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