Kiss and Make Up Day - August 25
Thu, Aug 25, 2022

Kiss and Make Up Day

Kiss and Make Up Day is an amazing holiday! Quarrels, conflicts, temporary lack of understanding with the closest – these factors greatly reduce the quality of life. But often we do not find the strength to get out of an irritated state and stop experiencing negative emotions. If you quarreled with dear people, on August 25, in honor of the holiday, you can simply kiss them and come to reconciliation.


The creator of this holiday is a woman named Jacqueline W. Milgate. She believed that our life is too short for endless resentment. If a person is important to you, but you are offended – the best option would be to kiss him and make up! Why the holiday is scheduled for August 25 is unknown, perhaps this is some kind of special date for Jacqueline Milgate.

Interesting facts

Kissing is not as simple as it seems:

  1. There is a whole science about them – it is called philematology.
  2. Ancient Roman men got into the habit of kissing their wives on the lips, checking to see if they were drinking wine.
  3. The audience saw the first kiss on the movie screen in 1896, and it was Canadians. William Hayes acted as both director and cinematographer. He guessed to film the finale of the play-musical “Widow Jones”, where the main characters kissed – Billy Bikes, played by John Rice and the widow, played by May Irwin. Moreover, most of the kiss of these heroes went to the conversation! The silent short film is 30 seconds long.
  4. Kissing burns 5 to 30 calories. For a minute of walking at a brisk pace, you will get rid of only 4-5 calories. Great tool for weight loss, kiss more often!
  5. There are statistics that show that 90% of the population of our planet kisses. The remaining 10% are peoples without this tradition.
  6. Kissing helps to strengthen the immune system and reduce stress levels.
  7. Research shows that 43% of us prefer kissing pets over loved ones, family members and friends! We urgently need to correct the situation!

How to celebrate

You can celebrate Kiss and Make Up Day by reconciling with the one you quarreled with with a kiss! Or just kiss your loved ones and loved ones. Kissing is good!

When is Kiss and Make Up Day Celebrated in 2022?

Kiss and Make Up Day is devoted to celebrating cheerfulness and fun. It happens annually on August the 25th.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday August 25 2022
Friday August 25 2023
Sunday August 25 2024
Monday August 25 2025
Tuesday August 25 2026

What today?

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