International Tug-of-War Day - February 19
Mon, Feb 19, 2024

International Tug-of-War Day

National Tug of War Day is a relatively young holiday that is very popular with tobacco lovers around the world. On this day, all pipe smokers enjoy their favorite pastime, despite the harm to health. The celebration is unofficial. The holiday was established by members of the Internet community of fans of smoking pipes.


The tradition of smoking tobacco appeared among the Indians of North and South America. Since ancient times, smoking pipes has been part of many cult rituals, including sacrifices. The Indians of many tribes had a common custom of “smoking the pipe of peace”, symbolizing unity and the beginning of friendly relations. In Europe, the tradition appeared thanks to Christopher Columbus.

Interesting facts

  • Experts say that smoking a pipe is not as harmful to health as cigarettes or cigarettes (they include a huge number of harmful additives).
  • The purpose of the holiday is to rally the adherents of smoking pipes.
  • On this day, many tobacco stores arrange sales and promotions.
  • Psychologists say that smoking a pipe calms the nerves and helps a person get rid of stress.
  • Smoking a pipe together helps people become friends and feel connected to each other.

How to celebrate

It is not difficult to celebrate this day. Heavy smokers can gather in a large company and smoke a “pipe of peace”. And those who have never smoked can read books about the history of tobacco or participate in actions dedicated to the fight against smoking.

On this day, festive events are held in international clubs and associations of pipe smokers. The best gift for the holiday will be, of course, the pipe itself or an elite variety of tobacco. Tobacco clubs host pipe smoking workshops for beginners and lectures on the history of this original tradition. The indigenous population of America, the Indians, also celebrate this day, remembering their long tradition, which unexpectedly spread around the world. Do not ignore this beautiful day, smoking a pipe is a custom that helps to unite people of many countries and states.

When is International Tug-of-War Day celebrated in 2024?

International Tug-of-War Day is observed on February 19 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday February 19 2024
Wednesday February 19 2025
Thursday February 19 2026
Friday February 19 2027

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