International Sudoku Day - September 9
Sat, Sep 9, 2023

International Sudoku Day

International Sudoku Day is celebrated on the ninth day of the ninth month. Fans of this puzzle will certainly understand why this date was chosen. The essence of the game is simple, but it will require maximum concentration and logical thinking from you.


Something similar to Sudoku was first published in 1892 in a French newspaper. This version of the puzzle was more difficult and required mathematical ability. Many newspapers took the initiative, but their efforts were not the sudoku familiar to us. According to one version, the architect Howard Garns was the author of Sudoku; he came up with the puzzle, but died before he knew what a sensation his invention caused.

Interesting Facts

  • The game aroused the greatest interest in Japan, where the locals called it Sudoku. The name took root and spread throughout the world.
  • Today, the game is popular all over the world. There are mobile applications, printed publications, and game shows.
  • The World Federation of Puzzles in 2013 officially announced September 9 as International Sudoku Day.

How to take part

Solve a Sudoku; you can do it alone, or you can gather your friends and hold a tournament – whoever completes the task the fastest wins a prize. Buy several number puzzle editions, find the hardest problem and challenge yourself to try it.

When is International Sudoku Day in 2023?

International Sudoku Day is observed on September 9 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday September 9 2023
Monday September 9 2024
Tuesday September 9 2025
Wednesday September 9 2026

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