International Forgiveness Day - August
Sun, Aug 6, 2023

International Forgiveness Day

International Forgiveness Day allows us to ask for forgiveness from loved ones and forgive them in return. This day is very useful, as it helps people to apologize. Sometimes people apologize to friends and loved ones just for the sake of it – just in case.


International Forgiveness Day was organized with the aim of improving emotional comfort. Over ninety percent of people feel intense guilt for wrongdoing and need to be forgiven. Many also have a strong need to forgive others. Human psychology has become a natural prerequisite for the holiday.

Interesting facts

  • The need for forgiveness became widely recognized in society with the advent of Christianity – for this religion, the concept of forgiveness is of key value.
  • Many animals are able to forgive, including higher primates and hyenas.
  • It is not for nothing cats have acquired a reputation as vindictive animals – they really do not forgive the evil done to them.
  • Extroverts are more in need of absolution than introverts, as they are focused on interacting with people.

How to take part

Ask for forgiveness from the people you love. The main thing is to be sincere. Most likely, the person will also want to apologize for the wrongs caused. Remember that not everyone supports the concept of this holiday – they may be embarrassed and not know how to react. In this case, do not be offended and do not condemn them.

Do not limit yourself to words – do something nice for your loved one: cook an unusual, delicious dinner with them or help them with household chores. Older relatives will especially appreciate such a gesture.

Forgive in your soul the people who harmed you. This will help you let go of old grievances that weigh on you and prevent you from moving forward, leaving the burden of the past behind. It may not be possible to immediately forgive – do not be annoyed and be glad that you have taken the first steps towards this. Remember to look to the future, not to the past.

When is International Forgiveness Day celebrated in 2023?

International Forgiveness Day is observed on the first Sunday of August each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday August 6 2023
Sunday August 4 2024
Sunday August 3 2025
Sunday August 2 2026

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