International Box Day - June 19
Wed, Jun 19, 2024

International Box Day

The central figure in this remarkable event is the pet. On International Box Day, on June 19, you can try to create the best conditions for a cat by finding a large cardboard box. Cats love boxes.

The History

Sensible explanations are given by researchers at the University of Utrecht. They note cats feel safe in a cardboard shelter. Cats are worried about changing situations; they react sensitively to changes in the mood of their owner and environment. It is essential for these animals to feel protected, so they stop worrying. This holiday attracts the attention of owners to their cats’ well-being and the need to create an attractive living space.

Interesting Facts

Wild animals of the feline family also have a passion for boxes. Wards in shelters and zoos rejoice when large boxes appear in cages, from where it is safe to observe the outside world.

  1. The nose of each cat has a unique pattern, similar to a human fingerprint.
  2. Cats sleep 16 hours a day. The rest of time is devoted to licking wool, eating, playing games, and communicating with their owner.
  3. Cats love a fragrant herb called catnip.

Playing with a box has a positive effect on the mental abilities of the animal.

How to take part

Go to the supermarket and find some empty boxes, bring them home, and organize a miniature entertainment town for your cat. It will be delighted and will spend time there. Make funny photos. If you want to keep your pet company, be careful. They won’t like it if someone intrudes on their territory. Let’s leave the cat alone.

When is International Box Day celebrated in 2024?

International Box Day is observed on June 19 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday June 19 2024
Thursday June 19 2025

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