International Accounting Day - November 10
Fri, Nov 10, 2023

International Accounting Day

International Accounting Day is an annual holiday devoted to recognizing the invaluable contributions of accountants to businesses, organizations, and institutions around the world.


The profession of accounting has a rich and long-standing history. The earliest records of accounting trace back to 5000 BC in Mesopotamia, where accountants kept track of the exchange of goods between churches and temples. This practice was later adopted in Babylonia and Ancient Egypt, and further refined in the Roman Empire, as accountants were tasked with managing public expenditures and distributing goods. The profession underwent its most significant transformation during the Renaissance period.

Interesting facts

  • Since the 19th century, the demand for accountants has grown significantly due to the increasing number of businesses, firms, and corporations worldwide.
  • There are more than 1.5 million accountants in the US alone.
  • The earliest phrase ever recorded in history was a Sumerian cuneiform that read: “In just 37 months, 29086 measures of barley were received.”
  • It is believed that Saint Matthew, the author of the Gospel, and Saul (later known as Paul) of the New Testament were both tax collectors, or accountants.
  • The renowned inventor of bubble gum, Walter Diemer, was also an accountant.
  • Professional accountants are responsible for counting the votes at the Oscars.

How to take part

You can show your appreciation for accountants by writing a thank you post on social media using the hashtag #InternationalAccountingDay. If you are able, you can also give the accountant in your life a good cup of coffee or help them with simple accounting tasks.

When is International Accounting Day celebrated in 2023?

International Accounting Day is observed on November 10 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday November 10 2023
Sunday November 10 2024
Monday November 10 2025
Tuesday November 10 2026