Hoodie Hoo Day - February 20
Tue, Feb 20, 2024

Hoodie Hoo Day

Hoodie Hoo Day is a holiday that at first glance may seem quite strange and even ridiculous. Nevertheless, it is endowed with a certain meaning and meaning, like any other holiday. It is celebrated on February 20 by people living in the Northern Hemisphere, and on August 22 by people living in the Southern Hemisphere. This holiday is a day of farewell to winter. People are trying to banish winter so that spring comes as soon as possible.


This holiday arose recently. Interestingly, it is protected by copyright, and it has its founders, these are Thomas and Ruth Roy, the owners of the world-famous company wellcat.com. This company during its existence managed to create about eighty original holidays. One of the most unusual is the day of khudi-Hu, or the day of Farewell to winter.

Interesting facts

The main meaning of this holiday is to go outside and try to quickly banish winter in order to call for spring. To do this, you need to go outside at twelve o’clock in the afternoon local time and, raising your hands above your head, loudly shout: “hudi-hu!”. It is believed that after that, spring will come quickly.

The following facts are known about the holiday:

  • The phrase “Hudi-hu” is made up and is not related to any real language;
  • This holiday is well cheered up and helps to fight the protracted winter depression, which often occurs in people without the sun;
  • If you do not want to shout a phrase out loud, you can say it in a whisper or even to yourself, in any case, this should accelerate the arrival of spring.

The holiday helps to brighten up the gray everyday life of winter and inspires people with hope that spring will soon come.

How to celebrate

To hasten the arrival of spring, you can not only shout “Hudi-hu”. A good option is to buy bright home textiles or hang bright, spring curtains. You can make a rearrangement of furniture at home, listen to spring songs or read books about spring, hang pictures with a spring plot on the wall. Then spring will come to the house faster.

In order to overcome depression and accelerate the arrival of spring, you should add bright vegetables and fruits to the diet, as well as regularly take vitamins. All this will help to survive the harsh winter. If the house is warm, you can walk in spring or summer clothes with a floral print or buy yourself pajamas with spring colors.

When is Hoodie Hoo Day celebrated in 2024?

Hoodie Hoo Day is observed on February 20 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday February 20 2024
Thursday February 20 2025
Friday February 20 2026
Saturday February 20 2027

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