Hogmanay - December 31
Sun, Dec 31, 2023


Hogmanay is a unique Scottish holiday that is celebrated in a fiery style and remembered for years to come. Would you like to take part?


The origins of Hogmanay remain a mystery, though some scientists suggest it may have been celebrated before Christianity spread in the region. Surprisingly, not until recently did large-scale celebrations take place in the country. The old tradition was revived and united the people.

Today, there are certain unwritten rules that are observed, such as having a positive attitude and being kind and courteous. On the morning of Hogmanay, people clean their homes, and in the evening they attend shows with colorful lights and concerts. Families with fireplaces must clean and kindle it, and the ashes are not to be thrown away – they can be used for fortune telling. Juniper twigs are also lit to fill the house with its aromatic smell.

How to take part

The best ways to take part in Hogmanay are to:

  • Visit Scotland and experience the holiday firsthand.
  • Watch videos of the event online.
  • Tell friends and family about it and celebrate in a similar style.

Above all, have fun – this is the most important thing!

When is Hogmanay celebrated in 2023?

Hogmanay is observed on December 31 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday December 31 2023
Tuesday December 31 2024
Wednesday December 31 2025
Thursday December 31 2026