Happiness Happens Day - August 8
Thu, Aug 8, 2024

Happiness Happens Day

All holidays have some connection with happiness, but Happiness Happens Day has no other purpose. It is dedicated to the very feeling of happiness. Not surprisingly, it quickly gained popularity.


The history of Happiness Happens Day began with Pamela Gale Jones’s circle, who came up with the idea to bring together a community of people who are not shy to talk about things that make them happy. This community has inspired many people to boldly declare they are happy, which was previously difficult for them to do due to others often reacting unfavorably.

Happiness Happens Day was established in 1999 so more people can feel positive emotions and talk about it.

Interesting facts

  • Good deeds increase serotonin levels, which is why giving gifts is often more pleasant than receiving.
  • Endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine are responsible for positive emotions. If you lack joy and serenity, review your diet and try to include foods that promote the production of these hormones.
  • In 2022, Finland was recognized as the country with the highest happiness index, while the United States was only in sixteenth place.

How to take part

Engage in what brings you positive emotions. Perhaps this is a favorite hobby, communicating with loved ones, eating a huge amount of pizza and ice cream, or just aimlessly lounging on the couch. Allow yourself to sink into euphoria no matter what.

Give happiness to others and especially loved ones: do something nice for them, for example, give small, memorable gifts. Watch a comedy show or stand-up with friends or relatives: where there is laughter, there is joy, and where there is joy, real happiness is not far off. Give people sincere compliments: they will blossom before your eyes.

Think about long-term happiness: decide what will make you a happy person in the long run, and try to gradually achieve this.

When is Happiness Happens Day celebrated in 2024?

Happiness Happens Day is observed on August 8 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday August 8 2024
Friday August 8 2025
Saturday August 8 2026