Grandmother Achievement Day - February 11
Sun, Feb 11, 2024

Grandmother Achievement Day

Being a grandmother is a great happiness. That’s what most women around the world think. Behind the shoulders of our beloved and unique grandmothers is a huge life, in which there were many achievements and even if for someone they were not significant, for native people it is important. In honor of the wise good and such relatives, Grandmother Achievement Day was established.


Grandma sounds different in all languages, but the meaning and significance of this word does not change. Always friendly, joyfully greeting grandchildren, and ready to do even the impossible for them. Is it possible to imagine childhood without fragrant grandmother’s pies or fairy tales at night, beautiful songs and fun games.

The name of the person who proposed to introduce Grandmother Achievement Day into the calendar of holidays remained a mystery, but this does not prevent everyone who has a grandmother from celebrating this day.

Interesting facts

  • It is believed that the term “grandmother” is the most popular in the world.
  • In many countries, there is no word – “grandmother”, grandchildren most often use names to address.
  • In India, the maternal grandmother is called par-nana, and on the paternal side simply nana.
  • In the Guinness Book of Records, the name Rifka Stanescu is listed. This woman is considered the youngest grandmother in the world. She became one at the age of 23.
  • The strongest grandmother is a native of Dagestan. At the age of 76, Sakinat Khanapiyeva has incredible strength, allowing her to tear a book 1,000 sheets thick in a matter of seconds and twist a 50-ml iron corner into a pigtail.

How to celebrate

Do not forget to visit grandmothers on February 11. Be sure to take care of the gift before the trip.

If possible, dedicate this day to communicating with your grandmother. Ask her to tell memorable moments from life.

On this day, you can arrange a real holiday for the culprits of the celebration and celebrate it with a large family.

If the grandmothers are no longer alive, arrange a memorial day. You can visit the grave or just flip through the photo album, watch home videos and remember the pleasant moments spent with it.  Digging into your memory, you will definitely remember all the achievements that she told you about.

When is Grandmother Achievement Day celebrated in 2024?

Grandmother Achievement Day is observed on February 11 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday February 11 2024
Tuesday February 11 2025
Wednesday February 11 2026
Thursday February 11 2027

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