Global Handwashing Day - October 15
Sun, Oct 15, 2023

Global Handwashing Day

Global Handwashing Day is celebrated on October 15th to emphasize the importance of regular handwashing. Parents from childhood are taught to wash their hands after the street, before and after eating, going to the store. On October 15, even more time should be devoted to this lesson. Before the advent of COVID-19 in our lives, most people probably did not think about the importance of hand washing for our health. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of hand hygiene and made this day even more meaningful.


The first Global Handwashing Day was held in 2008. Since then, this event has been used by national leaders to spread the word about the health importance of clean hands. Washing hands is a fairly common activity, but at the same time, it saves lives. The Global Handwashing Partnership founded Global Handwashing Day to develop and implement a variety of ways to encourage people to wash their hands, especially during times of a dangerous pandemic. The holiday is supported by schools, international institutions, civil society organizations, government, private companies and many other organizations.

Interesting facts

  • The first national hand hygiene guidelines were published in the 1980s.
  • In 2019, a campaign related to hygiene for parents and caregivers was carried out and the importance of clean hands was emphasized.
  • Unfortunately, only 60% of the world’s population has access to basic hand hygiene equipment.

How to take part

On this day, share information about the importance of washing your hands with soap on your social networks. Don’t stay away from this issue and order posters with flyers to place and distribute in public places. Remember to take care of your own hand hygiene and always use soap, especially after going to the restroom and before preparing and eating food.

When is Global Handwashing Day celebrated in 2023?

Global Handwashing Day is observed on October 15 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday October 15 2023
Tuesday October 15 2024
Wednesday October 15 2025
Thursday October 15 2026

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