Extraterrestrial Culture Day - February
Tue, Feb 13, 2024

Extraterrestrial Culture Day

Extraterrestrial culture day – One of the most original and unusual holidays in the world. On this day, the day of extraterrestrial culture is celebrated, that is, the day of alien culture. You can celebrate it as fantasy suggests, because at the moment the alien culture is little known to the world.


The holiday began to be celebrated for the first time in the United States in 2003. At first, it was called the Day of Aliens, but then it acquired a narrower name – the Day of Extraterrestrial Culture. The holiday is very popular not only in the United States, but also in most other English-speaking countries.

Interesting facts

  • This day is considered their professional holiday of ufology – specialists in aliens and flying saucers;
  • Many planetariums host infotainment events for children and young people on this day;
  • In American cinemas on this day, films about aliens are usually shown, for example, one of the symbols of the holiday is the legendary film “Star Wars”.

How to celebrate

One of the most interesting ways to spend this interesting day is to arrange a costume party in the alien style. As music, the instrumental compositions of the band Space are suitable, and the costumes can be the most unusual, because everyone represents aliens in different ways. You can hold an alien session or go to the planetarium, look at other galaxies at least from afar.

There are no strict canons of celebrating Extraterrestrial Day, it all depends on the desire and mood. You can read a book about extraterrestrial civilizations on this day or even try to establish contact with them yourself. There are a lot of options for celebrating, because no one knows exactly how to celebrate this interesting day. According to the calendar, this holiday coincides with Valentine’s Day (February 14), so you can combine Alien Day with Valentine’s Day and arrange a romantic evening for your second half in an alien style.

Many libraries and cultural centers host events on this day dedicated to science fiction books and movies or great writers who have written about extraterrestrial civilizations.

When is Extraterrestrial Culture Day celebrated in 2024?

Extraterrestrial Culture Day is observed on the second Tuesday of February each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday February 13 2024
Tuesday February 11 2025
Tuesday February 10 2026
Tuesday February 9 2027

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