Day of the Seafarer - June 25
Tue, Jun 25, 2024

Day of the Seafarer

Everyone who is related to the sea by their occupation is involved in the Day of the Seafarer and can count on receiving congratulations on June 25. This day honors sailors, marine researchers, fishermen, oceanographers, ship captains, and officers of the military and civilian fleets.

The History

The first long journey by sea took place 3 thousand years ago. It was organized by an Egyptian Pharaoh. In the current economic conditions, sea routes are the most important trade routes. The holiday was founded in accordance with the 2010 STCW resolution.

Interesting Facts

The transportation of goods by sea is in great demand due to the opportunity to sell large batches and saving resources in the process.

  • More than half of the planet’s surface is covered by water.
  • The ocean is a habitat for millions of living organisms that make up various self-sufficient eco-systems and carry out intensive oxygen production.
  • Only a small fraction of the ocean has been studied. Research continues and intrigues us with the number of potentially sensational discoveries that will benefit the environment and economy of the future.

The sea is not only a valuable resource but also a huge danger, the development of which is difficult to control. The navy protects Americans from military threats. People from the scientific community try to save the world from natural disasters and catastrophes. The coast guard protects against crimes in the form of piracy and poaching.

How to take part

Make a donation to the Oceana Defense Fund, which is a large charity organization on an international scale. Congratulate sailors at the nearest point to your home. Could you please? Bake cupcakes and treat these brave, responsible guys to delicious, fresh pastries. On social networks, you can post a greeting, using words of support and sincere appreciation. Watch a movie about the sea. Choose from a popular blockbuster from Hollywood with epic scenes of sea storms and battles with monsters; a popular series from the BBC about the world ocean with unique shots of marine life; or a melodrama about the largest British liner that has found eternal rest in the depths of the Atlantic.

When is Day of the Seafarer celebrated in 2024?

Day of the Seafarer is observed on June 25 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday June 25 2024
Wednesday June 25 2025

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