Community Manager Appreciation Day - January
Mon, Jan 22, 2024

Community Manager Appreciation Day

Many do not think about the role of online managers in society. The work of these people usually remains out of sight. They practically do not hear words of gratitude, and popularity and fame bypasses them. The founders of the Community Manager Appreciation Day tried to convey the importance of the profession to the world community and prove its importance in life.


The need for online managers arose in the early 90s. The growth in popularity of role-playing computer games has led to the fact that people were needed to lead groups of gamers and monitor the process.

The proposal to introduce a Community Manager Appreciation Day came from an industry analyst named Jeremy Ouyang. His initiative was immediately supported by colleagues. The holiday was first held in the USA in 2010. A year later, online managers from other countries joined the celebration and it turned into an international one.

The holiday is celebrated on a special scale in large cities, where businesses focused on social media resources are developed. Various events, online conferences, informal meetings are organized for community managers. At conferences, people of this profession share their experience, talk about innovations in the digital media industry.

Interesting facts

  • The first country to join the celebration was Nairobi (Kenya).
  • Thanks to the coordinated work of online managers, information from the World Wide Web has become publicly available.
  • On the European part, Finland was the first to join the celebration.
  • The average number of emails per day exceeded 240 billion. PC.
  • The largest number of Internet users is recorded in Norway – 98% of all residents.

How to celebrate

One of the easiest ways to become a participant in the celebration is to congratulate online managers you know on their professional holiday.

Recently, on January 23, more and more letters of thanks and congratulations to community managers appear on social networks. A few lines written from the heart will be a pleasure to read to the heroes of the occasion.

When is Community Manager Appreciation Day celebrated in 2024?

Community Manager Appreciation Day is observed on the fourth Monday in January each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday January 22 2024
Monday January 27 2025
Monday January 26 2026
Monday January 25 2027