Aviation Maintenance Technician Day - May 24
Wed, May 24, 2023

Aviation Maintenance Technician Day

Functioning of aircraft (combat, passenger and cargo) is the responsibility of maintenance technicians, so congratulate them on Aviation Maintenance Technician Day on May 24. People are used to thanking the aircrew; the brave, skilled pilots who deftly defy turbulence. Let’s also remember the professionals stay on ground, who ensure aircraft remain capable of flying in the first place.

The History

This holiday is associated with the legendary Wright brothers, who became pioneers in aviation. At the end of the XIX century, they were obsessed with a great dream, and engaged in designing/building hang gliders. In 1902, Charles Edward Taylor invented the first aircraft engine. In 1903, the first successful flight in an aircraft with an engine took place. First commercial flight was made in 1914. Non-stop transatlantic flight was successfully completed in 1927. Modern aviation owes its foundations and rapid progress to these people.

Interesting Facts

Unless an aircraft mechanic also obtains a pilot’s license, they may not fly a plane.

  1. The wright brothers decided who would get the glory of being the first pilot by flipping a coin.
  2. The sought-after Boeing 747 passenger aircraft has 6 million parts.
  3. Aviophobia is the fear of flying.

The prestige of the aviation mechanic profession is increasing, as is its salary. This is an essential and interesting job.

When is Aviation Maintenance Technician Day celebrated in 2023?

Aviation Maintenance Technician Day is observed on May 24 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday May 24 2023
Friday May 24 2024
Saturday May 24 2025