Autism Sunday - February
Sun, Feb 11, 2024

Autism Sunday

Autism Sunday touches on one of the main problems of mankind. The holiday raises awareness of people from all over the world, teaches them empathy and shows that patients with autism deserve great attention. Do not turn a blind eye to constant stigmatization. Not only children who differ in level of development from their peers suffer, but also their relatives. Every day turns into an ongoing struggle.


The developmental disorder can be determined even before the birth of the child. Many parents abandon babies, being unable to bear responsibility for them for the rest of their lives. The rest promise to love children, despite the peculiarities of their body. Autism affects tens of thousands of people around the world and quite often becomes a cause of discrimination.

The shuttle continues to hang social labels, although the first case of the disease was established in the 18th century. The word “autism” appeared in everyday life at the beginning of the past century. An experienced psychiatrist from Switzerland worked with the new patient. In his works, this is how he described the symptoms of Leo Kanner. It took him several years of research to continue his work.

The idea of creating Autism Sunday came to the mind of the Corea couple. Their child was given a disappointing diagnosis, but the parents did not give up. They continued to attract more and more people to the problems of patients with autism.

Interesting facts

  • The disease is very common. In children, it is much more common than cancer or diabetes.
  • Many believe that people with autism have no place among the “ordinary”. This view is erroneous. With due attention, children can learn on a par with others, receiving high scores. Many patients receive higher education and become leading experts in the chosen field.
  • A cure for autism has not yet been found.

How to celebrate

Try to attract as many people as possible to the main problem of the holiday. Tell us on social media how you spent today and don’t forget to put #AutismSunday. Go to church and pray for everyone who fights with their body every day, trying to cross the threshold and be on an equal footing with others.

When is Autism Sunday celebrated in 2024?

Autism Sunday is observed on the second Sunday of February each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday February 11 2024
Sunday February 9 2025
Sunday February 8 2026
Sunday February 14 2027

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