Atheist Solidarity Day - June 21
Fri, Jun 21, 2024

Atheist Solidarity Day

Atheist Solidarity Day is a holiday that unites unbelievers around the world. According to statistics, most of the inhabitants of our planet profess one religion or another. But atheists also exist – according to various researchers, they number between 200 to 750 million people. And many of them are discriminated against in their communities. Religious people consider atheists immoral and irresponsible. Atheist Solidarity Day is a holiday in support for those atheists who are under pressure from society, receiving threats, and are subjected to violence.


In 2010, an Internet user with the nickname Mike Smith (real name unknown, the user wished to remain anonymous) wrote about this holiday, apparently invented by him, on the social network page of the Atheist Nexus website. Interestingly, Atheist Solidarity Day, by the will of Mike Smith, falls on the same date as World Humanist Day. This is clearly not a coincidence, that the day for protecting the rights of atheists falls on the day dedicated to the values ​​of humanism.

Interesting facts

It is curious Mike Smith is also the protagonist of Robert Heinlein’s science fiction novel Stranger in a Strange Land, who proclaimed his credo: “You are God” and believed that God lives in all living beings (even plants).

How to take part

If you are a believer, read a book or watch a movie about atheism, understand the topic, and ask yourself the question: do you accept atheists?

If you are an atheist:

  • Put on the symbols of atheism – a red and black ribbon or a scarlet letter A.
  • Inform your local media about this day.
  • Join atheist Facebook groups.
  • Support those atheists who are forced to hide their beliefs or are discriminated against. You can find such people on social networks – they need psychological support.
  • Participate in fundraising to support atheism and freethinking.

When is Atheist Solidarity Day celebrated in 2024?

Atheist Solidarity Day is observed on June 21 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday June 21 2024
Saturday June 21 2025

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