According to Hoyle Day - August 29
Thu, Aug 29, 2024

According to Hoyle Day

According to Hoyle Day is celebrated on August 29 in honor of Edmond Hoyle, a great player and personality best known for his books about the rules of popular board and card games of his time. His extensive knowledge of gameplay and rules gave rise to the saying “According to Hoyle…”


Edmond Hoyle was a lawyer by profession, but became famous when he codified the rules for the most popular board games (cards, backgammon and chess). Perhaps his most important contribution was a small pamphlet written in 1742 for the card game whist. For the next 100 years, everyone played according to the “Short Treatise on the Game of Whist.” Edward Hoyle died on August 29, 1769, and celebrating According to Hoyle Day is a way to both honor the memory of this passionate man and acknowledge his great contribution to the development of the laws of many games. In a broader sense, this holiday can be celebrated in honor of real experts in any field of knowledge. Expertise in the 21st century is in trend – after all, thanks to the development of the Internet, a lot of various charlatans and impostors have appeared. You can call yourself anything on the Internet, but only real professionals and enthusiastic people can confirm their expert status.

Interesting facts

Hoyle is a Welsh name derived from the Old English word holh, meaning “hole”. There is a certain symbolic connection with games here: unsuccessful but persistent gamers are sometimes called “black holes”, into which their fortunes fly away, and often family relationships and friendships.

How to take part

Here are some ways to celebrate According to Hoyle Day:

  • Use the phrase According to Hoyle when talking about subjects you are good at. “According to Hoyle, dogs should not be fed from the table.” “According to Hoyle, these pies require yeast dough.”
  • Learn how to play whist with Hoyle’s “textbook”.
  • Gather family or friends for a game night with your favorite board and card games. Take care of the treats in advance – they need to be cooked perfectly so that the guests will like them. What dishes are you a real “Hoyle” in cooking?
  • Share your knowledge and experiences from the world of board and card games.

When is According to Hoyle Day celebrated in 2024?

According to Hoyle Day is observed on August 29 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday August 29 2024
Friday August 29 2025
Saturday August 29 2026