World’s Biggest Coffee Morning - September
Fri, Sep 30, 2022

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is celebrated annually on the last Friday of September. On this day, everyone can not only enjoy a huge cup of coffee, but also take part in raising money for people with cancer. According to statistics, every second death on the planet is due to a cancerous tumor. Early diagnosis saves about 3,7 million lives every year.


For the first time the holiday was celebrated in 1991 and about 200 thousand people immediately took part in it. Today, the event raises more than $25 million, which goes to support organizations that are looking for a cure for cancer. The holiday was founded by Douglas MacMillan when his dad died of this disease. Then the man wanted to help people who faced a similar problem.

Interesting Facts

  • MacMillan opened the Foundation for the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer, in this way he wanted to help with advice, as well as information for patients with oncology.
  • The MacMillan Foundation was one of the first to realize that cancer treatment requires financial investment.
  • The organization provides grants for medical services, financial assistance can be spent on patient care, the purchase of medicines, prostheses, and other necessary things.
  • Foundation founder Douglas MacMillan died of cancer in 1969.

How to celebrate

Organize a morning coffee, just register and get a free kit for disinterested help. Donate whatever financial or other assistance you can to organizations that are looking for a cure for cancer. Write about the event on social networks, attract as many people as possible to noble deeds.

When is World’s Biggest Coffee Morning celebrated in 2022?

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is observed on the last Friday of September each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday September 30 2022
Friday September 29 2023
Friday September 27 2024
Friday September 26 2025
Friday September 25 2026

What today?

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