World Students’ Day - October 15
Sat, Oct 15, 2022

World Students’ Day

World Students’ Day is usually celebrated on October 15th. It’s never too late to learn, and this international holiday serves as a reminder of the importance of being a student and learning. After all, yesterday’s students can already tomorrow become professionals in various spheres of life, the general welfare will depend on their work and knowledge.


The exact date of origin of this multicultural holiday is unknown, and there are different historical data on the details of the foundation. According to one version, World Students’ Day was founded as a tribute to the 1200 students of the University of Prague who died during the Second World War. The second version of the origin of the holiday connects its foundation with the birthday of the former President of India, because A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was a well-known supporter of knowledge and education in general. Various sources reported that it was allegedly the UN that officially founded the holiday on October 15 in honor of the Indian ex-head.

However, both versions were refuted by the UN itself, confirming the fact that it did not recognize October 15 as World Students’ Day – it cannot be associated with either Prague students or the Indian president. Instead, on October 15, the UN established another international holiday – the Day of Rural Women. Nevertheless, students’ day continues to be celebrated all over the world, and it has a special meaning in India.

Interesting facts

  • in 2003 from 15 to 17 April 54 consecutive hours professor of higher education in Cleveland, Australia Marie Burrows gave his lecture on biology;
  • in 2003-2004, a world record was set for the number of students in one school in India – at the same time there were about 28 thousand students;
  • The oldest university in the world is the Muslim Karaouine, located in Morocco – it was founded in 859.

How to celebrate

On this day, you can both take a break from studying, which is especially important for current students, and re-engage in self-education, which is suitable for people who have graduated a long time ago. On the occasion of the holiday, students in different parts of the world arrange fun parties with competitions and delicious food, have fun and relieve stress after busy academic days. Also on this day, current schoolchildren, but future students are helped to decide on the choice of a profession with which they want to connect their future.

When is World Students’ Day celebrated in 2022?

World Students’ Day is observed on October 15 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday October 15 2022
Sunday October 15 2023
Tuesday October 15 2024
Wednesday October 15 2025
Thursday October 15 2026

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