Wonderful Weirdos Day - September 9
Sat, Sep 9, 2023

Wonderful Weirdos Day

Wonderful Weirdos Day is dedicated to eccentrics who do not tolerate boredom and predictability, but prefer originality. The holiday is celebrated on September 9; on this day, you can safely demonstrate your oddities and eccentricities. It is the eccentricities that make us unique. Be creative. Surprise yourself and others.


Oddities are present in everyone, which is why this holiday appeared on the calendar. If you are a little different from others, super – you are a weirdo. Do not be shy about it, be bolder. Today, people who do not fit into the general mass are loved. If earlier any deviation from generally accepted norms was strictly punished, today the situation has changed. Creativity and extravagance are held in high esteem.

Strange facts

  • The secret of the popularity of the holiday is that it allows us to feel understood and accepted.
  • When dolphins sleep, they do not close their eyes.
  • The inventor of cotton candy is the dentist, William Morrison.
  • Alfred Hitchcock was afraid of eggs all his life.
  • Pigs do not have sweat glands.

How to take part

Accept all the oddities you have. For you, this may be an oddity, but for other people it may be out-of-the-box thinking. Do not be afraid to look funny and stupid; the main thing is that you are happy. Dress like a weirdo, maybe you will come up with a new fashion style fashion. Watch movies on eccentrics; doing it in the company is much more fun.

When is Wonderful Weirdos Day in 2023?

Wonderful Weirdos Day is observed on September 9 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday September 9 2023
Monday September 9 2024
Tuesday September 9 2025
Wednesday September 9 2026