Holiday Whit Monday
Mon, May 20, 2024

Whit Monday

The day following Pentecost is usually called Whit Monday. Event is celebrated and widely publicized in religious Christian communities, and recognized in the English-speaking world and states there are parishes of the Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant churches.

The History

This blessed holiday, symbolizing an unprecedented miracle, is celebrated on the day the Resurrected Jesus Christ appeared to his disciples in the Holy Spirit. Whit Monday marks 51 days after Easter, when the miracle of Resurrection occurred with the disappearance of the physical body of Christ from the cave he was placed in after his crucifixion. The festival dates from the first century.

Interesting Facts

The feast’s symbolic color is white.

  1. The dove is considered a blessed sign. It implies wind, freedom, God’s breath, and the halo of the rising Holy Spirit.
  2. The event is celebrated officially at the state level in Norway, Canada, the USA and Australia.
  3. Memorable, delightful hymns that convey words to the heart are sung in Catholic churches on this joyful day.

Whit Monday has been celebrated for over 2000 years, preserving the faith.

How to take part

Attend a church service; take part in solemn events held among believers. Join a prayer procession.

Help persons in need with a kind act, advice, sympathy, or an expression of support.

People come to church for solace, solitude, prayer, and help. An essential part of spiritual life, faith helps people to cope with trials and difficulties, to find a way out of difficult situations, to renounce vicious activities and show more virtuous qualities. Immerse yourself in the grace of a quiet church and thank God for the miracle of life.

When is Whit Monday celebrated in 2024?

Whit Monday is observed a day after Pentecost Sunday.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday May 20 2024
Monday June 9 2025

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