Totally Chipotle Day - May 5
Sun, May 5, 2024

Totally Chipotle Day

Totally Chipotle Day is an American holiday dedicated to hot sauce. It is well known to all fans of spicy Mexican cuisine, because there it is actively used in the serving of various dishes. It is celebrated annually on May 5.


The origin of Totally Chipotle Day is unknown, but we know a lot about the pepper itself. The sauce is based on red jalapeño peppers, which are smoked to create it. It is a fairly medium-sized dish that is spicier than the classic jalapeño in its fresh form.

Jalapeño peppers have been around since Aztec times and have been used for cooking as well as medicinal purposes. How do you make the sauce itself? You have to wait for the jalapenos to fully ripen, and then you put them out to dry. Next, smoking is carried out on a metal grate. The process takes several days so that all excess moisture is removed from the plant. Then it is chopped, combined with lime juice, garlic and other spices. The result is a very spicy and spicy sauce that is an excellent accompaniment to Mexican cuisine.

Interesting facts

  • Of all the jalapeño peppers grown, well 20% of the total is used to make chipotle.
  • In addition to being burnt, the sauce has a bright smoky flavor that will perfectly complement the meat.
  • The total area for growing jalapenos in Mexico is about 160 m2 .

How to celebrate

Visit Mexican restaurants to enjoy dishes with chipotle sauce. Try making the sauce yourself, if you are able to smoke the food.

Spread the word about the feast on social media. Ask users if they like chipotle sauce and Mexican food in general.

When is Totally Chipotle Day celebrated in 2024?

Totally Chipotle Day is observed on May 5 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday May 5 2024
Monday May 5 2025

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