The First Day of Summer - June
Thu, Jun 20, 2024

The First Day of Summer

This is the longest day of the year, and it is filled with the fresh aromas of flowers, grass, and the salty surf. Spend the First Day of Summer on June 21st, an unforgettable day! Try to finish your work early and go to the coast (or to the mountains, or to the park for a picnic).

The History

Representatives of ancient civilizations had a clear idea of the day’s length. The tradition of celebrating on a long sunny day was celebrated in ancient China, Egypt, and Mesopotamia. People united. Bonfires were lit. There was dancing. They sang songs and jumped over the flames, which signified spiritual purification.

Interesting Facts

The people of the northern European countries celebrated the event on a grand scale. They held a feast, where a variety of meat dishes, seasonal berries, and vegetables were on the table.

  1. People go hiking to spend time outside. This is useful therapy for the family to spend a variety of leisure activities outside.
  2. Remember, emotional performance is no less important than actual performance. Positive feelings are considered a big deal!
  3. The Celts lit huge bonfires and arranged active dances. The worship of the gods of nature required active elements.

Historical sources note ancient people danced around bonfires naked.

How to take part

Greet the day! Wake up before dawn and watch the sun rise. Plan your upcoming vacation; do not miss a single hour and give up a mediocre hobby. End the day by watching the sunset with a feeling of complete satisfaction.

When is The First Day of Summer celebrated in 2024?

The First Day of Summer is when the sun is in its most northern position directly over the Tropic of Cancer.


Thursday June 20 2024
Saturday June 21 2025
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