Straw Hat Day - May 15
Mon, May 15, 2023

Straw Hat Day

Straw Hat Day is a holiday for all fashionistas and manufacturers of this simple and stylish headdress. Periodically, straw hats lose popularity, but fashion has proved cyclical.

The History

Straw Hat Holiday’s origin is unknown. Jack Lambert, the owner of New York’s popular hat store, JJ Hat Center, suggested its creation was a publicity stunt by manufacturing companies.

Ancient Greek shepherds first wove straw hats to protect them from the scorching sun. The first models looked like crowns with small fields, equipped with a cord. Later, such hats became an attribute of peasants and travelers. Over time, manufactures began to decorate straw hats with ribbons, wild flowers and fabric pieces. Straw hats have become a stylish accessory for both women and men.

One of the most ancient and recognizable straw hats was a conical hat used in Asian countries. It protected from the sun and rain as drops flowed down the cone. Hats were equipped with a thin ribbon, tied under the chin. In some countries, these models are still made by hand.

Interesting Facts

What interesting things do we know about this accessory?

  1. If the hat is woven by hand, it can take up to 6 months to make, since weaving takes place at sunrise and sunset – at other times, the straw becomes brittle.
  2. Initially, only straw hats woven from straw growing in Monte Cristi were called panama hats.
  3. Straw hats can be woven from wheat straw or toquilla plants.

When is Straw Hat Day celebrated in 2023?

Straw Hat Day is observed on May 15 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday May 15 2023
Wednesday May 15 2024
Thursday May 15 2025

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