Presidents’ Day - February
Mon, Feb 19, 2024

Presidents’ Day

Presidents’ Day in the United States is not only a political, but also a patriotic holiday. Presidents Day is celebrated in the country annually on February 20, this day has a long and interesting history. Previously, the holiday was called “George Washington’s Birthday”, but then it was dedicated to all the presidents of the country, and not just the first of them.


Presidents’ Day is officially celebrated in the country since January 1, 1971, and is an official day off for all residents of America. On this day, stores in the United States traditionally reduced prices, fighting for the attention of buyers. Mass celebrations and demonstrations were held in the country, large enterprises and schools were closed for the weekend. Now this holiday is also celebrated on a grand scale, because Americans love their history very much.

Interesting facts

In February, several American presidents celebrate their birthdays at once. The following interesting facts are known:

  • Until 1971, the birthdays of Lincoln and Washington were celebrated separately, then they began to be celebrated together;
  • The order for the One Day of Presidents was introduced by Nixon;
  • In the southern United States, lincoln is not loved in some states because of the fact that because of him, the southern United States was defeated in the civil war.

Most Americans have great trepidation about the history of their country and celebrate Presidents’ Day annually on a grand scale.

How to celebrate

In order to celebrate this significant day, you can read a book or watch a film about outstanding American politicians. You can visit the United States and memorable places associated with outstanding American presidents. In America, on this day, cultural and educational events are held in libraries, scientific conferences related to the history of the country, lectures on the history of the American state and democracy.

America is a country that values its values very much. In this regard, the country loves political and patriotic holidays. Presidents’ Day is a great way to remember the history of a great country and those who have made great contributions to its development and prosperity. All US presidents actively promoted democratic values, such as freedom, glasnost, equality of all citizens of the country.

When is Presidents’ Day celebrated in 2024?

Presidents’ Day is observed on the third Monday in February each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday February 19 2024
Monday February 17 2025
Monday February 16 2026
Monday February 15 2027

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