Pioneer Day - July 24
Mon, Jul 24, 2023

Pioneer Day

Pioneer Day is a wonderful day celebrating the arrival of the first Mormon pioneers in Utah. This event is remembered every year on July 24th. A significant, historic event took place in 1847. After Joseph Smith, a Mormon teacher, was killed by an angry mob in Illinois, people were forced to seek refuge. The Mormon community has been celebrating this day ever since. The most magnificent events – a parade, funny quizzes, and contests – are held in Salt Lake City, the hometown of Mormons.

The History

Pioneer Day is celebrated in honor of the politician and religious leader Brigham Young and his followers arriving in Utah. Brigham Young became the state’s first governor and also served as president of the Latter-day Saints Church. Young replaced the tragically murdered Joseph Smith, who was believed to be a prophet. During his lifetime, Smith and his brother were persecuted and convicted, and in 1844 a mob broke into their prison cell and brutally executed two brothers.

After the death of their mentor, the Mormons were forced to flee. Three years later, the group ended up in Utah, where they founded Salt Lake City.

Interesting Facts

  • Mormons strive to live in harmony, pay special attention to family values, and believe in a full-fledged, healthy family, men and women should adhere to traditional gender roles. This is their main rule of a happy life.
  • Thanks to the industriousness of the Mormons, potatoes, turnips, and a dam appeared in Utah.
  • The most Mormons today live in Utah; there are also a lot of them in Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona.
  • For Mormons, Pioneer Day is an official holiday, so every year on July 24, they close their shops and their businesses. Schools are also closed.
  • One of the must-do activities on Pioneer Day is to walk the Mormon Trail, recreating the day the first settlers came to Utah.
  • Mormons are the most conservative community in existence, with nearly 75% against abortion.
  • The Mormon religion in America is growing at a much faster rate than other communities and religions. About one million new parishioners join every three years.

How to take part

Be sure to take part in the celebrations. If they are not near, take the time to visit Utah. It is here you can see the brightest and largest events. Visit a Mormon church; this will help you immerse yourself in the Mormon religion for a day, to understand the followers of this religion. If you delve into the history of this religion, you will find many innovative ideas and victories in their annals.

When is Pioneer Day celebrated in 2023?

Pioneer Day is observed on July 24 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday July 24 2023
Wednesday July 24 2024
Thursday July 24 2025
Friday July 24 2026

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