Odie Day - August 8
Tue, Aug 8, 2023

Odie Day

If you love the Garfield comics, Odie Day is sure to impress you. This holiday is dedicated to a dog named Odie – a naive and friendly companion of the famous ginger cat. Many adults and children love Odie as much as Garfield himself.


Goofy and funny, Odie, created by Jim Davis, first appeared in 1978. Odie usually becomes the object of all sorts of jokes and pranks of his ginger friend. The public immediately liked him, so he soon starred in both television series and films about Garfield. Such demand and love from the audience became the reason for this holiday.

Interesting facts

  • Odie is a cross between a dachshund and a terrier.
  • The first Garfield movie came out in 2004.
  • Jim Davis’s characters earn him a huge income: only on merch, the comic book author earns about a billion dollars a year.

How to take part

Re-read the Garfield comics – find old favorites at home in the attic or on the Internet, because most of them are now digitized. Revisit your favorite cartoons and movies. Tell your children about your favorite character, read and watch stories about him with them. In case you’re not familiar with the Jim Davis universe, this day is a great time to start. Not only by kids, but also adults find it funny.

If you have your own dog, Odie Day is a great excuse to give it some extra attention. This holiday unites not only comic book lovers, but also dog lovers. Walk and play longer with your pet, give them a tasty and healthy treat, and tell them how much you love them. Such things are never redundant.

When is Odie Day celebrated in 2023?

Odie Day is observed on August 8 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday August 8 2023
Thursday August 8 2024
Friday August 8 2025
Saturday August 8 2026