New South Wales Bank Holiday - August
Mon, Aug 5, 2024

New South Wales Bank Holiday

New South Wales Bank Holiday is a happy opportunity for bank employees to give themselves a triple weekend. This day was established as compensation for overwork. New South Wales Bank Holiday appeared in the 19th century, but is still relevant.


Bank Holidays Act was passed in Britain and Ireland in 1871. Four years later, it spread to New South Wales, but was set on the first of August, not the first Monday. The date of the New South Wales Bank Holiday was moved to the first Monday in 1912. This state of affairs persists to this day.

How to take part

The best weekends are the ones you spend the way you like. Do something you love or go to some event, taking advantage of the fact there are fewer cars on the roads, because many bank employees stay at home. If you have friends from banks who also have a day off on this day, invite them to your home and enjoy your free time together. You can arrange a fun party or, conversely, organize a calm get-together.

This is a great day to reflect on work plans and goals. Decide which goals are long-term and which are short-term, as well as how to achieve them. Take care of finances – plan expenses and incomes. Consider whether you are overworking, or, conversely, whether you should put in more effort. Deal with unpaid bills and old loans. An extra day off is a great reason to put pressing matters in order, because on weekdays there is no time for this, and on Saturday and Sunday you want to relax.

When is New South Wales Bank Holiday celebrated in 2024?

New South Wales Bank Holiday is observed on the first Monday of August.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday August 5 2024
Monday August 4 2025
Monday August 3 2026

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