National White Chocolate Day - September 22
Sun, Sep 22, 2024

National White Chocolate Day

National White Chocolate Day is dedicated to a dessert that seems paradoxical. Chocolate cannot be white, but nevertheless, this delicious combination exists and delights with an amazing taste. Millions of people in the world love white chocolate. But is it chocolate?


Until 1930, the world knew only one type of chocolate – dark. Whatever form it took, it always remained a rich brown color. But in 1930, Nestle made a splash. The company separated the dark solids from the cocoa butter, resulting in the product we all know as white chocolate.

Interesting Facts

  • In America, there are strict rules that govern the quality of white chocolate. These are the minimum parameters: milk fat – 3.5%, milk powder – 14%, cocoa butter – 20%. The maximum sweetener content is 55%.
  • Culinary experts are still arguing – is this white dessert chocolate?
  • In 1945, another version of white chocolate appeared. It was developed by Kuno Baedeker, a specialist in the Merckens chocolate company.
  • In America, mass production of white chocolate was launched in 1948.
  • Officially, the white delicacy became chocolate only in 2004.

How to Take Part

Experiment! Instead of sugar and cream, add white chocolate to your coffee. Believe me, the taste will delight you so much, it will change your habits. Buy pretzels, melt a white block, and combine two treats into one bright, wonderful dessert. Perhaps you have your own recipes for sweets? Make them and treat your guests.

When is National White Chocolate Day in 2024?

National White Chocolate Day is observed on September 22 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday September 22 2024
Monday September 22 2025
Tuesday September 22 2026
Wednesday September 22 2027
Friday September 22 2028
Saturday September 22 2029

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