National Thank a Mail Carrier Day - February 4
Sun, Feb 4, 2024

National Thank a Mail Carrier Day

National Thank a Mail Carrier Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to mail carriers. Celebrated every year on February 4th.


The National Thank a Mail Carrier Day aims to express gratitude to all people in this profession. The postal carrier plays a big role in the modern world, and a lot depended on these workers centuries ago. Important messages in writing and messages from the rulers of states always had to be delivered on time, since sometimes the fate of the whole country depended on it.

At the entrance to the oldest post house in New York, located on 8th Avenue, you can see a stone on which a solemn inscription is carved. It states that postal couriers will always fulfill their obligations, regardless of weather conditions and time of day.

The United States Postal Service was founded in 1775. Delivery to addresses was carried out using couriers. Benjamin Franklin was appointed head of the created department.

The US Post Office received official status in 1792, when the country won independence from Great Britain. The relevant moments for the establishment of new branches were spelled out in the Constitution. A lot of time has passed since then, but we continue to honor the postal couriers, who still play a big role in the work of the post.

Interesting facts

  • The inscription on the stone at the entrance to the oldest post office in New York is taken from the book Persian Wars by Herodotus. At that time, couriers were highly valued during the Greco-Persian wars.
  • During the struggle for US independence, postal couriers played a big role. They quickly alerted the colonies and the US Army was aware of British troop movements.

How to celebrate

Congratulate your family and friends on this day if they work as postal couriers. Learn more about postal developments in the US and around the world. Share the new information with your friends. Send someone a package via mail!

Tell about the holiday on social networks. Ask other users how often they use email services.

When is National Thank a Mail Carrier Day celebrated in 2024?

National Thank a Mail Carrier Day is observed on February 4 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday February 4 2024
Tuesday February 4 2025
Wednesday February 4 2026
Thursday February 4 2027

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