National Take a Poet to Lunch Day - January 6
Sat, Jan 6, 2024

National Take a Poet to Lunch Day

National Take A Poet To Lunch Day is the best date to thank the author for his work. If there is a familiar poet, it’s time to pay attention to him and invite him to meet. Poetry is an amazing force that can touch our hearts, make us happy, sad, empathize … It’s hard to imagine life without it.


It is impossible to identify the person who created the National Day, but one thing is clear: he was very fond of poetry. Did you know that it appeared millennia earlier than prose? Surprisingly, prose texts originated in the 6th century BC and were at the beginning an experimental option. No one was interested in the genre, because, of course, poetry was in the lead! Rhyme was not observed at first, it was invented only in the Middle Ages.

Everything was presented in poetic form: fairy tales, stories, information about battles and laws. Ancient writers, whose names we no longer recognize, composed works, people memorized them and passed them along the chain. We live in a different time – a few minutes separate us from the works of great authors. Today it is easy to find everything you want to read – the Internet is always at hand.

Interesting facts

It is noteworthy that:

  • some researchers believe that the first verse was written in the 23rd century BC. It was composed by an Akkadian princess;
  • the Chinese emperor Qianlong executed poets who wrote sad works;
  • The English romantic poet was very fond of animals, but in Cambridge, where he studied, it was not allowed to have dogs and cats. Then he got a bear cub – this animal was not registered in the rules, so no one could stop him;
  • Cuban poet Julián del Casal died of laughter from an anecdote told by an acquaintance. Uncontrollable laughter led to aortic rupture and bleeding.

How to celebrate

Invite the author to National Take A Poet To Lunch Day and treat you to delicious food. Arrange a meeting in a cafe or cook meals at home. Take time to your favorite poems – re-read them again; find new contemporary talent and check out their work.

When is National Take a Poet to Lunch Day celebrated in 2024?

National Take a Poet to Lunch Day is observed on January 6 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday January 6 2024
Monday January 6 2025
Tuesday January 6 2026
Wednesday January 6 2027