International Chess Day - July 20
Thu, Jul 20, 2023

International Chess Day

International Chess Day was established by the United Nations. Every year on July 20, fans of this intellectual game honor their hobby. This tradition has been around for more than half a century, and every year the number of people joining the holiday is increasing.

The History

The origin of chess is still a subject of controversy. Some think that this is India, others that it is China and Central Asia. According to one version, chess is one of the varieties of the Chaturanga military game, common in India. This predecessor of chess has several key nuances similar to the modern version of the game: the presence of different pieces with different functions and victory was determined by the position of a specific piece on the field. A variation of this game spread to Europe, making its way through Persia, Byzantium, and also the Arabian Empire.

Interesting Facts

  • One of the reasons chess pieces do not have human or animal features is the influence of Islam. It forbids making any depictions of people or animals.
  • In the 10th century, chess from the Arabian Empire spread to Africa, Spain and Sicily. Thanks to the Vikings, the game ended up in England and Iceland.
  • One of the reasons for its popularity is that it was associated with wealth, high intelligence, and power.
  • The modern version of chess was proposed by a resident of England, who used the traditional board lined with squares.
  • July 20 is the founding day of FIDE – the International Chess Federation.

How to take part

Join a chess club. There are a huge number of them at schools, gymnasiums, community centers, and sports and entertainment centers. There are also thematic online groups. Learn to play – it stimulates the brain, you find new friends, and learn to think a few steps ahead. Did you know that there are many chess-themed films? Arrange a movie night dedicated to this intellectual game.

When is International Chess Day celebrated in 2023?

International Chess Day is observed on July 20 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday July 20 2023
Saturday July 20 2024
Sunday July 20 2025
Monday July 20 2026

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