National Snack Stick Day - September 23
Sat, Sep 23, 2023

National Snack Stick Day

National Snack Stick Day is a holiday when there should be a lot of snacks in pockets, desk drawers, and bags. It is celebrated on September 23, so get ready in advance – buy sticks with your favorite flavor or other snacks that cheer you up.


The holiday was founded by Klement Sausage to draw attention to snacks that can be eaten on the go. These snacks are taken on hikes, training, walks, to school or work. The choice of snacks is so great, there is something for everyone. Founded in 1965 by three brothers, Klement Sausage is still operating today with 350 employees. The main principle is manual production, so their products are presented in small batches.

Interesting Facts

  • The word ‘snack’ has Dutch roots, the term ‘snacken’ means to bite.
  • The secret of the snacks’ popularity is in the huge amount of salt, which causes an addiction similar to addiction to cigarettes or drugs.
  • According to statistics, a light snack keeps one calm and protects against a nervous breakdown.
  • On average, every adult American spends about 30 thousand dollars on snacks in their lifetime.
  • The largest snack market is North America.

How to take part

Enjoy your favorite snacks, find new tastes. Try as much as you want. On September 23, you do not have to restrain yourself. Organize a party and offer a variety of snacks as a treat. Share your taste preferences on social networks.

When is National Snack Stick Day in 2023?

National Snack Stick Day is observed on September 23 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday September 23 2023
Monday September 23 2024
Tuesday September 23 2025
Wednesday September 23 2026

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