National Screenwriters Day - January 5
Fri, Jan 5, 2024

National Screenwriters Day

National Screenwriters Day is dedicated to creative people who come up with interesting stories for us all day long. Often they only sleep a few hours a night so they don’t miss out on inspiration! Their imagination is to be envied.


National Day was first held in 2016. He founded “Screenwriting Magazine” to find new talent and encourage. It was also created for everyone who is now in the sphere and in love with it, because without it it is impossible to write a single script.

The first storyline was written almost as a draft – there was no single person for this work, people were constantly changing, they could come up with stories alternately. The earliest modern version of the screenplay was written for the French science fiction film A Trip to the Moon. It included short descriptions of actions, they were accompanied by appropriate locations.

In 1909-1912 scripts finally began to be paid and a separate profession appeared. Richard Spencer was one of the pioneers, he created plots for popular films, one of them is Custer’s Last Stand. The first educational book on the subject appeared in 1920, its title is How to Write Photo Plays. There was a message in it – not to complain about tons of manuscripts, but to consider the profession in a favorable way.

Interesting facts

Fascinating moments about the profession of screenwriter:

  • can work alone, with a co-author or even a whole team. Each type is fundamentally different from the previous one. For example, an introvert is more suited to working alone;
  • rewrites and rewrites works a lot – this is a large part of the specialty, and you need to be prepared for this;
  • often works directly from home without visiting the office every morning;
  • has a floating schedule – alas, it is impossible to turn on the muse at 9 am and turn it off at 5 pm.

How to celebrate

Find out more about the standouts at National Screenwriters Day! Check out the films they inspired to life. Highlight your favorite scenes from films and share them on social networks, discuss with subscribers.

When is National Screenwriters Day celebrated in 2024?

National Screenwriters Day is observed on January 5 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday January 5 2024
Sunday January 5 2025
Monday January 5 2026
Tuesday January 5 2027