National Thermal Engineer Day - July 24
Wed, Jul 24, 2024

National Thermal Engineer Day

National Thermal Engineer Day is celebrated every year on July 24th. It is not for nothing the day dedicated to heating engineers and thermal energy falls on the hottest month. Do you know thermal energy surrounds people everywhere? It is the transfer of this type of energy from one body to another that is experienced as heat. The mission of this holiday is to express respect and reverence to the specialists who work with heat and manage it. Also, on July 24 it is good to note that thermal energy is one of the most important and productive types in the world.

The History

Ancient people associated heat with fire. The Indians believed that fire had a mythical origin, and in Western mythology, fire was revered as one of the elements from which life comes. A little later, a version appeared that the source of fire was a special, invisible liquid. This is how the term heat capacity arose – people believed each body was capable of holding a certain amount of this liquid. In the 18th century, this theory was abandoned, because research made it clear heat is the result of internal energy.

It is believed the English scientist James Prescott Joule discovered thermal energy. National Thermal Engineer Day was established by Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) with the aim of raising people’s awareness of the profession of thermal engineer, as well as the contribution of specialists in mechanical engineering and electronics.

Interesting Facts

  • Joule’s discovery was disputed by the German physicist Julius Robert von Mayer, who claimed to have proposed his own theory a year earlier. However, in most sources, primacy belongs to Joule, since he conducted practical research.
  • Do not confuse thermal energy and temperature. For example, a glass of water and a bucket of water may be the same temperature, but the thermal energy depends on the volume – the larger the volume, the greater the thermal energy.
  • Thermal energy, unlike other types of energy, is difficult to convert.
  • Automotive cooling and heating systems use thermal energy.
  • Energy itself is not heat, heat occurs when energy is transferred from one body to another.

How to take part

Of course, congratulate thermal engineers. The best gift on this day would be a glass of a cool drink. Write a congratulatory post on social networks and tell your subscribers about this day. Learn more about the essence of the profession, how people use thermal energy, and what inventions have appeared thanks to this energy.

When is National Thermal Engineer Day celebrated in 2024?

National Thermal Engineer Day is observed on July 24 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday July 24 2024
Thursday July 24 2025
Friday July 24 2026

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