National Promposal Day - March 11
Mon, Mar 11, 2024

National Promposal Day

National Promposal Day is an annual American holiday celebrating marriage proposals. This is always an exciting event, because after that the only thing left is to tie yourself and your partner with the strong bonds of marriage. The holiday is celebrated on March 11.


For the creation of National Promposal Day, we thank a man named D.M. O’Loughlin. The idea for the party came to him when he saw his cousin waiting a long time for a proposal from a guy. However, the guy never made up his mind (or didn’t want to), but they continued their life together. The man decided by creating a holiday to remind everyone of the importance of a proposal in a relationship. When all is well, the smartest decision is to get married.

The date of the celebration is specifically chosen later than Valentine’s Day, as it is usually the day to propose. The author believes that National Promposal Day is the best occasion to propose your hand and heart to the chosen one before it is too late.

Interesting facts

  • Engagement rings have been known since ancient Rome. The tradition of exchanging rings on the wedding day was officially introduced in the 4th century by the Pope.
  • In Scotland, before giving his wedding blessing to the bridegroom, the father of the bride gives him several tests. If the groom can do it, the wedding is on!
  • After the proposal in Japan, the parents of the newlyweds meet and give each other gifts. There must be nine of them! Gifts are always wrapped in rice paper, which means purity and sincerity of motives.

How to celebrate

Propose to your significant other on National Promposal Day. Think about what it’s going to be like, buy the rings and make it happen! If you’re already married, visit a movie theater with your spouse, go on a trip, etc. Give the gift of many bright emotions!

Spread the word on social media. Ask other users what their marriage proposal was like.

When is National Promposal Day celebrated in 2024?

National Promposal Day is observed on March 11 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday March 11 2024
Tuesday March 11 2025

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