National Preschool Teachers Appreciation Day - March
Fri, Mar 15, 2024

National Preschool Teachers Appreciation Day

National Preschool Teachers Appreciation Day is an American holiday dedicated to preschool teachers. These are the people we trust with our children. They are experts in their field, have a specialized education and are well versed in the methods of education and training of children of preschool age.


Kindergartens are a relatively new institution. National Preschool Teachers Appreciation Day can be traced back to 1837, when Wilhelm Friebel in Germany created an institution for preschoolers (the prototype of today’s kindergarten) called “Kindergarten. The children spent their time there, learning important skills in parallel, and preparing for their future schooling. Friebel relied heavily on playfulness in the education of the child and tried to find an individual approach to everyone. The main provisions of his educational methodology were outlined in his written work “The Education of Man,” written by him in 1826.

In the United States, the first kindergarten came much later. It was established by President Johnson in 1965. However, the active support of such organizations by the state and their active popularization occurred much later, beginning in the 1990s.

Interesting facts

  • Robert Owen made a great contribution to the development of kindergartens. Thanks to him in Great Britain in the late 18th century there appeared a school for infants – children of textile factory workers. The children ranged in age from 1 to 3 years old. They spent their time under the supervision of trained people, playing, learning the necessary skills.
  • Modern kindergartens in the United States accept children up to age 5. After that age, they go to school.
  • Unlike many countries, gardens in the U.S. are predominantly fee-based – the average cost will be $800.

How to celebrate

Wish National Preschool Teachers Appreciation Day to friends and acquaintances who work in kindergarten. Learn more on this day about the parenting techniques used for preschool children.

Spread the word on social media. Ask other users if their children went to kindergarten or were raised at home.

When is National Preschool Teachers Appreciation Day celebrated in 2024?

National Preschool Teachers Appreciation Day is observed annually on the third Friday in March.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday March 15 2024
Friday March 21 2025

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