National Peach Cobbler Day - April 13
Sat, Apr 13, 2024

National Peach Cobbler Day

National Peach Cobbler Day is an annual American celebration of the peach cobbler. It is a great fruit dessert that will be a great decoration for your table. The holiday is celebrated on April 13.


The history of the holiday begins in the 1950s in Georgia. With the help of such a dessert feast, it was decided to increase the number of sales of canned peaches. The idea succeeded, and the peach cobbler became even more popular.

A cobbler is a type of fruit pie. The filling of fruit (in this case, peaches) is placed in a baking dish. It is then poured over the top with liquid batter and baked that way.

Researchers say European colonists brought the dessert to the United States. They loved to make pie with fresh fruit, but the farther west they went, the harder it was to get fresh fruit. Eventually they started making pies with canned foods. Peaches were very popular.

Today we celebrate National Peach Cobbler Day to learn more about the dessert and, of course, enjoy the taste of this sweet dish

Interesting facts

  • Peaches are a fruit obtained artificially by crossbreeding different crops. The peach tree cannot be found in the wild.
  • The peach was the first fruit the astronauts took with them.
  • Usually we see these juicy fruits round, but there are also flat varieties (flattened).

How to celebrate

Visit cafes or restaurants to order this dessert. Make your own peach cobbler, because you can easily find the recipe online.

Spread the word about the feast on social media. Ask users if they tried the peach cobbler. What was their impression of the dessert?

When is National Peach Cobbler Day celebrated in 2024?

National Peach Cobbler Day is observed on April 13 each year.


Saturday April 13 2024
Sunday April 13 2025
Weekday Month Day Year

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