National Parchment Day - June
Wed, Jun 28, 2023

National Parchment Day

Every year, the last Wednesday of June is a real holiday for lovers of baking, because it is National Parchment Day. Every cook knows parchment paper is indispensable when you want to bake cookies, brownies, rolls, pie, or cake. Or roasted meat, fish, poultry, or vegetables – all these dishes on parchment are juicy, not dried, do not lose their flavor and do not stick to the pan or baking tray.


National Parchment Day has been celebrated since 2016. This idea belonged to PaperChef. The company has responded to the spread of globalization and the rising popularity of travel, both of which have been linked to cooking in unusual ways. Using parchment paper proved to be not only convenient but also an environmentally friendly way of cooking. The purpose of this National Day is to promote the use of parchment for culinary purposes.

Parchment is heat-resistant, grease-proof, environmentally friendly, and recyclable. Food cooked on it does not burn, and retains all the taste and valuable nutrients.

Interesting facts

Cooking with parchment paper has a long history in French cooking. They call it en papillote and use it to cover the bottom of dishes.

How to take part

How interesting is it to celebrate National Parchment Day? Buy parchment and:

  1. Learn to cook with it, master 2-3 recipes for different foods, and treat your family or friends.
  2. If you already know how, teach your friends. If they know how, arrange a culinary competition – whose dish will turn out to be tastier and juicier? In this situation, it is better to agree to cook the same dish.
  3. Share recipes using parchment on social networks. Other users will be happy to share their signature recipes with you in response – after all, there are a lot of dishes suitable for cooking on parchment paper.

When is National Parchment Day celebrated in 2023?

National Parchment Day is observed on the last Wednesday in June each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday June 28 2023
Wednesday June 26 2024
Wednesday June 25 2025

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