National Mimosa Day - May 16
Tue, May 16, 2023

National Mimosa Day

Pour a light drink into a glass; watch the sunlight reflected in the champagne bubbles. This fascinating meditative spectacle is an illustration of National Mimosa Day, celebrated on May 16. Fans of low-alcohol cocktails will appreciate the event‘s benefits in a traditional way, mixing Brut with orange juice, producing a drink of a warm shade, associated with the spring-blooming mimosa.

The History

Mimosas appeared in 1920 and became a popular tradition of wedding celebrations. The classic recipe was penned by Frank Meier in his book published in 1936 on techniques of mixing ingredients in cocktails. The famous director Alfred Hitchcock contributed to the popularization of the mimosa.

Interesting facts

An easily made cocktail, without the need for professional equipment. Cool citrus juice, pour into a tall glass and add champagne. Done!

  1. A mimosa changes the atmosphere, adding sophistication and a sense of belonging to high society; it is an opportunity to hold beauty in your hand and feel a light, intoxicating scent that inspires.
  2. Mimosa is often served to first-class passengers.
  3. Simplicity in making it allows one to enjoy drinking it without waiting for a special festive occasion. This is a way to cool off, refresh, and relax on a hot summer day.

Make a mimosa for brunch with French toast. Change the juice and add berries. If you do not drink alcohol, replace brut champagne with non-alcoholic apple cider with spicy notes.

When is National Mimosa Day celebrated in 2022?

National Mimosa Day is observed on May 16 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday May 16 2022
Tuesday May 16 2023
Thursday May 16 2024
Friday May 16 2025

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