National Letter Writing Day - December 7
Thu, Dec 7, 2023

National Letter Writing Day

National Letter Writing Day is celebrated on December 7th each year. It is a wonderful holiday that allows people to remember the process of writing letters by hand, in a time when we are surrounded by computers and mobile phones. But does this technology take away the soul of our communication? Let’s revive the tradition and get nostalgic on National Letter Writing Day!


In the past, people eagerly looked into their mailboxes, dreaming of news from a loved one. Women used to perfume their letters and read declarations of love with trepidation. This holiday was invented by Richard Simpkin, a photographer from Australia who sent letters to people he considered legends and waited with excitement for their replies. He is also known for his collection of photographs with celebrities, which he started when he was 15 years old.

Interesting facts

  • In Japan, letters are still very important and they even have their own holiday dedicated to them.
  • In 19th century Britain, the value of a letter depended on its weight.
  • Correspondence has become a reliable source of events for historians and researchers.
  • The letter written by Columbus to the Queen of Spain has the largest circulation – in it he talked about his travels.
  • The Pope receives the most letters, followed by Santa Claus.
  • There is a museum dedicated to manuscripts located in France.
  • Initially, envelopes were invented to keep strangers from reading the contents of the letter.

How to take part

Send a letter to a friend, relative, or loved one! Buy nice paper and a new pen and let your emotions flow. You can also buy a wax sealer to add an extra special touch. Show your appreciation of National Letter Writing Day and experience the joy of communication.

When is National Letter Writing Day celebrated in 2023?

National Letter Writing Day is observed on December 7 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday December 7 2023
Saturday December 7 2024
Sunday December 7 2025
Monday December 7 2026

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