National Get Gnarly Day - July 30
Sun, Jul 30, 2023

National Get Gnarly Day

National Get Gnarly Day is celebrated annually on the last Friday of July, in 2022 the date falls on July 30th. One of the newest holidays on the calendar, it has only existed since 2016. The mission of this interesting and original holiday is to motivate people to forget about old ideas, refresh their lives, and come up with new goals for themselves. Take a fresh look at the term ‘gnarly’, it means something exciting, like surfers call unruly waves. Challenge yourself.

The History

The holiday appeared in 2016 thanks to Whirlpool. The company wanted to shake up their team, motivate them to achieve goals, and look for new ways to solve customer problems. It was a resounding success among employees. Then Whirlpool decided to establish National Get Gnarly Day.

Interesting Facts

  • Whirlpool has gone through a difficult development path with ups and downs, even the risk of bankruptcy. The corporation was founded in 1908, and in 1911 a wringer was patented – the first analogue of a washing machine. During the war years, the plant produced military equipment. Only in 1949 did the company receive corporation status, and in 1951 sales exceeded 48 million units of equipment.
  • The term ‘gnarly’ is associated with waves and surfing. A few facts: The longest surfboard ride lasted almost 4 hours, a record held by Gary Saavedra. The richest surfer – Kelly Slater – earned more than $ 3 million in one year.
  • Surfing is quite an expensive sport. The cost of a lesson is about 650 dollars.
  • The largest number of people who gathered on a wave at the same time was 120 people. It happened in 2009 at the Earthwave Festival.
  • Surfing is recognized as one of the oldest sports: it is depicted in prehistoric drawings that are over 5,000 years old.

How to take part

Change your style, do something original or unusual for you. The simplest thing is to experiment with a haircut, or get a tattoo or a piercing. Make repairs in a house or room – paint one wall with a bright color, or come up with unusual decor. Do what you’ve never done. Find a new hobby or just throw a cool party.

When is National Get Gnarly Day celebrated in 2023?

National Get Gnarly Day is observed on July 30 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday July 30 2023
Tuesday July 30 2024
Wednesday July 30 2025
Thursday July 30 2026