National Get Funky Day - October 5
Thu, Oct 5, 2023

National Get Funky Day

National Get Funky Day is celebrated on October 5th and has become one of the hottest holidays of the fall every year! On this day, people come together to have a great time: they let go of their inhibitions, laugh, dance, and live every moment in rhythm. It’s a chance to make life interesting and become a real funky.


The word “funk” was first used in the 17th century and referred to a strong smell. In the 1900s, the meaning remained the same, though it was perceived as more tangible and profound. During the infancy of jazz music, musicians used expressions such as “put some stank on it” and “make it funky, now”, which might have been due to the fact that during particularly rhythmic and lengthy performances, musicians could sweat and emit an unpleasant odor. But the message was clear – they were doing a good job.

The term “funk” was later used for albums, and it became more popular in African American music genres such as jazz, R&B, and soul. Many people consider funk not only as a musical direction, but also as an expression in culture, drama, writing, etc. The idea of “becoming funky” was first picked up in the USA, and then spread to many countries around the world. The National Get Funky Day was officially proclaimed in 2017, although it had already been celebrated informally before that. The purpose of the event is to allow people to relax, distract themselves from their daily routine, and feel happy.

Interesting facts

  • Jazz-funk is only loosely related to its classical form, the only similarity being the use of jazz instruments and presentation.
  • Music is not forgotten – a huge number of people around the world still listen to it and dance to it, although modern performers rarely create music in this single style, preferring a combination of several styles.
  • One of the first pioneers of funk music was Art Blakey, an American drummer, who introduced the style to the world.

How to take part

To take part in National Get Funky Day, you can change your look, do something unusual – dye your hair or put on a wig, get a piercing or even a tattoo. Dance! Let out your energy and feel the stress melt away. You could also organize a party and invite your friends to celebrate the date. Play some funky music and have a great time!

When is National Get Funky Day in 2023?

National Get Funky Day is observed on October 5 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday October 5 2023
Saturday October 5 2024
Sunday October 5 2025
Monday October 5 2026