National French Toast Day - November 28
Tue, Nov 28, 2023

National French Toast Day

National French Toast Day is celebrated in the USA on November 28th. Today you don’t have to wonder what to cook for breakfast – the answer is right here! Enjoy a delicious dish according to your favorite recipe.


There are many legends and stories about the origin of French toast. Which version to believe in is up to you. Many researchers say that the dish was developed in Alban by Joseph French – in 1724 he created the first ruddy batch for the guests of the hotel he owned. He didn’t invent the name for a long time, but simply proclaimed it in honor of himself. There are also data from the 5th century AD – according to them, a toast existed during the time of the Roman Empire.

Another opinion concerns medieval European cooks. They had a hard time, so they tried various recipes and literally cooked from everything that was at hand. Stale bread was not thrown away, but soaked in milk and eggs to soften and toast it. The name of the dish first graced the pages of the book in 1871 – it was called “The Encyclopedia of American Food and Drink”. Other names appeared here as well.

Interesting facts

  • Various analogues of toast spread around the world in 1400 – it was prepared in various parts of the world and eaten with pleasure.
  • In European countries, a brioche bun is used for the dish – it has an ideal structure that absorbs the egg-milk mixture.
  • There are a huge number of variations: with ice cream, jam, preserves, chocolate, berries, nuts, bacon, sausages, fish, avocados, beans, cheese.
  • In 2019, a Seattle restaurant began adding oatmeal to toast.
  • It is not necessarily breakfast – many states consume toast at different times of the day.

How to take part

  • Make French toast! On National Day, make breakfast for the whole family by waking up early and heading to the kitchen before everyone else gets up.
  • Learn a little more about the history of origin.
  • Become a volunteer, sign up for an organization that helps everyone who cannot cook their own food.

When is National French Toast Day celebrated in 2023?

National French Toast Day is observed on November 28 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday November 28 2023
Thursday November 28 2024
Friday November 28 2025
Saturday November 28 2026

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