National Flitch Day - July 19
Wed, Jul 19, 2023

National Flitch Day

National Flitch Day does not have official status, but is very popular. It is celebrated with great pleasure by many in America. The modern version is apparently an interesting version of the ancient custom, when a year after their wedding, the couple proves the strength of their union. If their evidence was recognized as reliable and sufficient, the family received a large piece of bacon.

The History

The exact origin of the holiday is unknown; according to some sources, it began in 1104. The married couple of nobles dressed up as ordinary people and headed to the monastery to receive a blessing. The abbot was so impressed with the couple’s love and devotion, he rewarded them with an impressive chunk of bacon. Since then, the custom has spread, and a year and one day after their wedding, couples always ate bacon as a sign their family life is happy. According to tradition, a married couple must go through a mock trial and prove they love each other and do not regret the marriage. If successful, they get a piece of bacon the size of half a pig.

Interesting Facts

  • The tradition was common in England, but the custom is different in different regions.
  • Today in England, the only place where the tradition is still observed is Little Dunmow.
  • In Great Dunmow, the tradition is also observed, but only on a leap year.
  • The colonists brought the custom to America, but it did not take root.

How to take part

If you want to join the celebration of National Flitch Day, read William Harrison Ainsworth’s book Flitch Bacon to learn more about this tradition. Be sure to share interesting information on social networks. If there is a married couple around who got married a year ago, give them bacon, organize a fun contest for them. If it is a leap year, you can visit the Dunmow Flitch Trials and see the custom in action for yourself.

When is National Flitch Day celebrated in 2023?

National Flitch Day is observed on July 19 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday July 19 2023
Friday July 19 2024
Saturday July 19 2025
Sunday July 19 2026