National First Responders Day - October 28
Sat, Oct 28, 2023

National First Responders Day

National First Responders Day is celebrated on October 28 every year in the United States. On this day, people come together to honor and acknowledge the brave men and women who put their lives at risk to save others. These first responders include firefighters, medical workers, police officers and many other professionals whose work is often overlooked.


National First Responders Day was established in 2017 by a Congressional resolution, sponsored by the All Clear Foundation. This resolution was supported by many people, including the family of Police Officer Sean Collier, who was killed in an explosion at the 2013 Boston Marathon.

The concept of first responders dates back to the Civil War, when field workers would provide medical aid to soldiers. This practice was also seen in Europe during the Napoleonic wars, when wounded soldiers were taken to hospitals using specially designed carts. The first ambulance in the United States was seen in Ohio in 1865, and since then the profession of first responders has grown and expanded with the introduction of emergency medical systems (EMS), helicopters, cars, and fire services.

Interesting facts

  • Training for first responders can last from one to three years in order for the candidate to gain the necessary knowledge for any situation.
  • According to statistics, 9-1-1 calls in the US reach 240 million times a year.
  • About a hundred firefighters die in the line of duty each year.

How to take part

On National First Responders Day, we can come together to thank these brave individuals for their service. Some ways to show appreciation include ordering a cake or baking cookies for them, making a donation to a charitable organization to supply resources, or even becoming a volunteer to help people in need.

When is National First Responders Day celebrated in 2023?

National First Responders Day is observed on October 28 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday October 28 2023
Monday October 28 2024
Tuesday October 28 2025
Wednesday October 28 2026